Ohashi.US Domain Name Resource

Ohashi.US Domain Name Resource

Web Hosting Reviews
2019-09-01 00:00:00

I should have announced this years ago, but I launched Review Signal - Honest Web Hosting Reviews. It uses data from Twitter to figure out what people think about different web hosting companies. I also annually publish WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks (2019 Edition) which is the most comprehensive testing of WordPress hosting providers.

The Domainer's Directory
2007-06-24 19:52:51

So I got sick of hunting for links and tracking them down each time I remembered one and needed to use it. So after countless hours of hunting and compilation I present to you... DN List - The Domainer's Directory. It has over 300 links already mostly related to domain names and topics around it. The graphics area needs a lot of work still (graphics is my least strong area as looking at this page would tell you). Feel free to submit links. I want to remain unbias but also do not want dupe content, another 'whois' tool offering nothing unique may not make the cut. Make sure the tool(s) are good and they will surely be listed!

-Kevin Ohashi

Domain Appraisal
2007-06-02 18:06:51

Today I am releasing a beta of my appraisal software. The software was based off some research I did about trying to find an algorithm to determine domain name values. I am still unsure as to how and how much of my research I will publish but I wrote a tool to apply the results to domain names.

Ohashi Domain Appraisal

Forgive me for not creating a better interface and corresponding layout but some recent events, the overture tool will no longer update, I decided to release this ahead of schedule.

Some details about the algorithm, it takes a lot of common metrics (obviously overture among others) and uses the statistical coefficients from my research which correspond to a dollar value. The sample size was n=955. This is a relatively small sample size and a very biased one because they all came from one source and were within a certain range/extension. This is NOT a magic ball to appraise domain value, it is a statistical attempt to guess what it might be. The algorithm can explain about 48% of the value, meaning 52% of the variation in pricing is unexplained (this means there are a lot more factors that the algorithm does NOT evaluate... and cannot in many cases).

Guidelines for best results:
  1. .com ONLY (the asmple was mainly .coms, but it will evaluate anything)
  2. Undeveloped (developed sites inflate metrics HEAVILY)
  3. Valuable domain (I know this is hard to gauge, but it works better on names REALLY worth a lot ($10,000+)

In other news, I really hope to get to work a lot on some new content, scripts and such this summer for this site and my other development properties. I was hoping to get Website Development.US off the ground but I just don't have the time to populate it with articles. I am perhaps thinking of turning it into a forum instead to discuss strategies and tools for making good, profitable websites from strong domain names. If anyone is interested in talking about this more please feel free to contact me.

-Kevin Ohashi

What is New?
2007-03-16 19:13:01

I haven't updated in a while. Things have been a bit busy lately. However, Ohashi.US is finally at a 'complete' stage. The last part of the website, the Whois, section is finally finished.

The new Whois tool is not just a standard whois tool but a very powerful domain research tool. This is NOT designed for looking up availability (though it will perform that task) but more for researching your own domain names or those you are interested in. It looks up data on Google PageRank, Alexa Ranking, link popularity, overture score, DMOZ/Yahoo Directory Listings, Wikipedia References, Archive.org Records, Availability in major gTLDs/ccTLDs and more.

One final note is my newest site went live recently called Name Utilities. It is designed to provide you access to the most useful tools for doing domain name research as well as providing the latest in domain news to keep you informed whille you research.

-Kevin Ohashi

Data Services and Research
2007-01-30 14:27:15

In my continual quest to upgrade Ohashi.US as the premier domain name information and research site I have added a new section, Data & Research. This is where useful data and research will be published in the future regarding domain names.

Currently there are two pages up with information on 3 and 4 letter domain name combinations. Each is available through the webpage or downloadable as a text file (zipped).

If you have requests for data to be generated or ideas for what you would like to see in that section feel free to contact me with your ideas/requests.

-Kevin Ohashi

Domain Cleaner Update
2007-01-20 13:11:34

Updated the Domain Name Cleaner to allow .mobi and .eu extensions. Any other requests please Contact me and I will see if I can accomodate.

-Kevin Ohashi

Happy New year
2007-01-06 13:44:35

With a new year, Ohashi.US is taking on a new face (yet another new design). Also, I have added a Registrar Review Database. This database contains detailed information about a multitude of registrars and their offerings. It also integrates into a review/rating system. So please take a moment and cast a vote for your registrars and perhaps even write a review!

-Kevin Ohashi

Typo Generator Gone Public
2006-12-11 02:17:16

Today I have made my full typo generator public. It is the most comprehensive generator for domain names available. Enjoy.

-Kevin Ohashi

Domain Cleaner Restored
2006-12-07 23:13:38

The domain cleaner is back online! Clean your domains from HTML/CODE/etc and anything else. Enjoy :)
-Kevin Ohashi

Domain Cleaner

Maintainance Complete (almost)
2006-12-07 12:51:38

There were some lasting security holes in other parts of this website, much of it is still locked down and being fixed. Right now Domain Tutorials are back online along with most of this website (excluding domani cleaner which needs a complete re-write to work properly again and can be expected within a week hopefully).

-Kevin Ohashi